More FUN

hello people. another good website! It kinda of LOOKs educational… so . Yeah you know


Magic Links of FUN! (no viruses!)

Well it may be in the the title, but oh well.


Magic Links of FUN! (no viruses!)

This game is AWESOME!!!

So is this one.

This is just freakishly weird. Try and work it out.

Are you bored at school?

It’s very annoying when teachers make you go on silly LEARNING ‘fun’ websites. Well now you have something fun, interesting, involving, good, boredom-relieving, and, well, MEGA SUPER FUN!

Here’s a challenge. Leave a comment, and try to write your name backwards, or with you elbows, or nose. The limits are endless!

Go on give it a go!

Let the Challenge BEGIN! (scottish accent)

Hello world!

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